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MS4911 - NMEA / MODBUS TCPIP Converter Module The MS4911 module allows you to encapsulate any message in the NMEA protocol, arriving via a serial port of the RS485 type, within a function 43 of the MODBUS TCPIP protocol available through an Ethernet cable interface via 10Base connector -T


Connection in IoT CLOUD;

 Internal structure ;

 Configuration via Web Server;


Connection in CLOUD IoT In addition to this feature, the module has the ability to provide the same information through a platform in CLOUD IoT and store it to provide histories at any time. Internal Structure Internally the module is formed by 2 processors, one in charge of interfacing the physical Ethernet connection through a Socket normally on port 502 and the other in charge of allowing access via Wifi, automatically placing the NMEA information available in IOT CLOUD and its database. for historical. Configuration via Web Server Both processors have access to their internal WebServer that allows the configuration of their parameters. In each server only via Wifi it is necessary that it is connected to an Access Pointer to provide its access via Wifi. In the case of the Ethernet cable processor, it is only possible to access your Server through a Switch connected to an Ethernet Network.