Freelance Installer

If you have basic knowledge of electrical installations, hydraulics and a good sense of computing, you have worked or worked as a customer service technician in the cable, internet and other sectors, you are invited to join the new service area in the deployment of IoT devices.

Make your registration and access the technical information of the deployment services, where you will be in charge of the installation and configuration of all devices provided by the company on our customers.

At your registration you must provide your personal data, your bank reference, indicate the products that you will have the most competence to deploy and register a password, access!

In this procedure you will be chosen by your client closest to your region at any time and the product to be installed should already be in the possession of this client. You will be hired directly by your client and paid for the same, all through the platform of the site. At the end of the deployment, your value will be available in your account on the site soon after your client's approval, in case there is any problem you will be asked to return to the site to solve and only then your values ​​will be released in your account on the site. At this moment you can request the deposit in your registered account in your account.

You will see that these are mostly quick procedures that can be performed along with other temporary or fixed services that you have.

An Android application will be available by providing your access and it will notify you when a customer in your area is requesting a technical visit for deployment or maintenance, providing your location and type of request.