Privacy Practices

Extrom Technology recognizes privacy and security as being a concern for most individuals who access the Internet. Whether you are purchasing one of our quality products, or just browsing our site, we want to make you comfortable with our privacy practices and the security measures we take to protect your personal information.

This statement discloses the privacy guidelines for the Extrom Technology Web site. Information presented for business purposes only is not covered by these guidelines.

By using our website, you consent to the collection and use of your information by Extrom Technology, as established in the policy currently in effect. If we decide to change our policy, such changes will be posted here on the website, so please check back periodically to ensure you have the most current policy.

What personal information does Extrom Technology not collect?

When you register on the website or place an order or request for information, Extrom Technology may collect some of the following personally identifiable information: name, title, company, address, email address and telephone numbers. In some cases, such as employment applications, Extrom Technology may collect additional information from you, which may include your Social Security number, driver's license number, and date of birth. We do not require this information to gain access to public information on our website, but we may require you if you wish to place an order, receive personalized newsletters and information, or set up an account for secure software or application downloads.

In addition to ordering and registration, we may ask you to and collect personal information from you at other times, including, for example, when you enter a sweepstakes or contest or participate in a promotion or marketing campaign sponsored by Extrom Technology or one of its partners commercials; when you want to know about services offered in your area, when you complete surveys or other questionnaires, or when you send an email to Extrom Technology. Wherever Extrom Technology collects personal information, we try to include a link to this Privacy Policy on this page.

Our web server logs collect the domain names of visitors to our website. This information is aggregated to measure items such as: the number of visits, average time spent on the Extrom Technology website, pages visited, and purchases made. We use this information to measure usage of our website, to improve the content on our website, and to improve each user's experiences on our website.

Extrom Technology may use third parties, such as WebTrends On Demand and Google, to monitor our site. If you would like to learn more about these third parties, please contact Extrom Technology via the links below.

Extrom Technology use of cookies

When you visit our website, our server attaches a small text file to your hard drive - a cookie. Your unique cookie tells us who you are whenever you re-enter our site, so we can remember where you've been to our site, and that, if anything, you have it in your shopping cart. Cookies help us provide a better website experience for our users.

We generally use cookies to:

  1. Determine the effectiveness of our ecommerce relationships. Extrom Technology's e-commerce partners and affiliate programs use cookies to identify the locations from which a user enters our site. Users linking to the website of one of our e-commerce partners or affiliate websites receive a unique cookie. This cookie identifies from which site the user linked to Extrom Technology. This information is used to determine the effectiveness of our relationships and administer our affiliate programs. This information can also be used to help target ads based on users' interests and behavior.
  2. Help Extrom Technology track items in your shopping cart.
  3. Track your progress and the number of entries in some of our promotions, sweepstakes and contests.
  4. Measure traffic patterns, and which areas of the site you visited Extrom Technology, as well as your visiting patterns. This information collected via cookie is sometimes called a "clickstream." We use this information to understand how our users navigate our site and to determine common traffic patterns, including where our users originate. We also use this information to make site navigation and product recommendations, and to help redesign our site, in order to make your experience on our website more efficient and enjoyable. We may use this information to better customize the content, banners and promotions you and other users will see. This helps Extrom Technology deliver the content you want so you can make better buying decisions.

Who is collecting the information?

When you are on an Extrom Technology website and are asked for personal information, you are sharing that information with Extrom Technology, its subsidiaries and related companies. Extrom Technology may also contract with third-party companies to perform services for Extrom Technology on its website that require those companies to collect personal information (eg, host a sweepstakes, promotion or survey website, or sell software downloads). Extrom Technology's website may also contain various links to third-party websites. These websites may provide additional information, goods, services and/or promotions. These websites are independently owned and operated from Extrom Technology, and have their own separate privacy and data collection practices. Any information you provide to these sites will be governed by the terms of their Privacy Policy, if any. Extrom Technology has no responsibility or liability for the independent actions or policies of such independent sites, and is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of such sites.

How is my information used?

Extrom Technology's primary purpose in collecting personal information is to facilitate development support functions such as service requests, restricted-access software downloads, and secure application activities. This information may also be used to provide you and others with a personalized experience on our website, which includes interactive communications and other services.

O site Extrom Technology também pode conter pesquisas e questionários opcionais solicitando informações, bem como várias oportunidades para os visitantes a fazer perguntas. Usamos as informações que você fornecer para nos ajudar a projetar e construir produtos melhores, para personalizar sua experiência de compra, e para obter conselhos e recomendações de compra. Tomar parte em qualquer um desses segmentos é sempre opcional.

Finally, Extrom Technology researches our user demographics, interests and behavior based on information provided to us by users when making a purchase, during a promotion, from surveys and our server log files. We do this to better understand and serve our users. This survey is compiled and analyzed on an aggregated basis in order to prevent the identification of personal information relating to any individual. Extrom Technology may share this aggregated data with other users during their visits to our website and with our business partners.

Who does Extrom Technology share this information with?

Except as described in this policy or on our website, Extrom Technology never provides your personal information to third parties without your consent. Extrom Technology shares the information you provide with Extrom Technology subsidiaries and related companies.

Extrom Technology também podem compartilhar suas informações pessoais com parceiros comerciais de terceiros para que possam prestar serviços a Extrom Technology que são consistentes com os termos desta Política de Privacidade e este Web site (por exemplo, gerenciamento de banco de dados, envio de e-mails direcionados, as vendas de software, e realização de sorteios e outras promoções em nome da Extrom Technology). Extrom Technology tem grande orgulho em utilizar parceiros de negócio só de boa reputação. Extrom Technology pode também, na ocasião, fornecer informações de identificação pessoal para terceiros as empresas como parte de um determinado produto, serviço ou promoção.

Extrom Technology's website may also use other vendors to offer products and services directly to Extrom Technology consumers. Such relationships are designated with a "Provided By Company" legend or logo, or similar worded designation others. If you wish to purchase a third party product or service, your personal information will be collected by the third party company, and shared with Extrom Technology. You can review the third party's privacy practices by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page, or by clicking on the "company provided" logo, which will take you to their website. In addition, when you purchase or download software applications from Extrom Technology or a third party, your personal information is shared with the software developer / licensor in order to register you as a licensed software user and to allow them to provide you with all the support you need. While these software developers are encouraged to develop appropriate privacy policies, Extrom Technology cannot be held responsible for the privacy practices of these companies. If you are concerned about the Privacy Policy of a certain developer or software company, you can contact them directly or visit their individual websites.

Extrom Technology shares the website's use of information about visitors to our website who have received a targeted promotional campaign with a reputable third-party advertising company for the purpose of targeting future campaigns and updating visitor information used in statistical reporting . To this end, we and our third-party advertising company observe some of the pages you visit on our website through the use of pixel tags (also called clear gifs). Information collected by our third-party advertising company through the use of these pixel tags is not personally identifiable. For more information about our third-party advertisers, visit . To opt out of the targeting program, visit .htm .

Extrom Technology may also disclose personal information in special cases where we have reason to believe that disclosure of such information is necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against someone who may be violating this site's Terms of Use or may be violating the rights of Extrom Technology or others or causing damage or interference with Extrom Technology or the property of others. Extrom Technology may also disclose personal information when we believe in good faith that the law requires it.

Extrom Technology may also disclose aggregate user statistics in order to describe our site to potential business partners, advertisers and other third parties, and for other lawful purposes.

Que escolhas estão disponíveis para usuários com relação à coleta, uso e distribuição da informação?

Extrom Technology or its business partners may, from time to time, send you email or direct mail or otherwise contact you regarding the products and services. If you do not want to be contacted or receive such information, just let us know when you provide us with your personal information, or follow the instructions contained in your personal profile to remove your name from our mailing list.

Em certos tipos de promoções Extrom Technology, vamos pedir para o seu endereço de e-mail para contato no caso de você ter ganhado um prêmio. Quando você participar desses tipos de promoções, você pode receber incentivo e-mail. Ocasionalmente, essas incentivo mensagens de correio electrónico podem incluir anúncios direcionados. Se você não deseja receber tais anúncios, você pode optar por não participar de tais promoções ou concursos.

If you wish to be removed from our mailing list, please select "Update your interests and Subscription information" in your account after logging in. Follow the instructions to opt-out of receiving email.

Que medidas de segurança usa Extrom Technology para proteger as informações contra perda, mau uso ou alteração?

When you place an order or provide personal information, your transactions are encrypted for security. Encryption encodes the information on your purchase, including your credit card number, so this information can only be seen by Extrom Technology or its authorized third-party agent, Reg.Net.

Extrom Technology usa Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), tecnologia de criptografia, o maior nível de segurança na Internet. O protocolo SSL fornece autenticação do servidor, integridade de dados e privacidade na Internet. Esta medida de segurança ajuda a garantir que não impostores, curiosos ou vândalos obter suas informações pessoais. SSL não só criptografa seus dados pessoais e informações financeiras transmitidas, incluindo informações de cartão de crédito, mas também verifica a identidade do servidor e que a mensagem original chegue com segurança ao seu destino.

However, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100 percent secure. As a result, while we strive to protect your personal information, Extrom Technology cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us or from our website, and therefore uses our website at your own risk. Once we receive your transmission, we use our best efforts to ensure your security on our systems.

Como uma empresa global, Extrom Technology tem sites internacionais e usuários de todo o mundo. Quando você dá informações pessoais Extrom Technology, que informações podem ser enviadas eletronicamente a servidores fora do país onde você entrou originalmente nas informações. Além disso, essas informações podem ser usadas, armazenadas e processadas fora do país onde você entrou essa informação. Sempre que Extrom Technology manipula informações pessoais, independentemente de onde isso ocorre, ele toma providências para garantir que suas informações sejam tratadas de forma segura e em conformidade com os Termos de Uso e relevantes nesta Política de Privacidade.

How can you correct or change the information collected Extrom Technology has?

Se você gostaria de rever, corrigir ou alterar quaisquer informações pessoais que você forneceu, ou remover seu nome da nossa lista de discussão, depois de ter logado, você pode atualizar e corrigir suas informações em "Configurações da conta" ou você pode enviar um serviço pedido através do Helpline Técnico de nossa página Fale Conosco.

Issues involving your child's privacy:

This site is intended for use by persons over the age of 13 years. Extrom Technology does not seek to collect information about children under the age of 13 years. No information should be submitted or published on this site by users under 13 years of age. If a child under the age of 13 submits personal information to this website, we will delete the information as soon as we discover it and not use it for any other purpose. Extrom Technology encourages caregivers to take an active role in their children's use of the Internet, and to inform them of the potential dangers of providing information about themselves over the Internet.

Informações adicionais:

Notices to you can be made via email or regular mail. Extrom Technology may also provide notices of changes to the Terms of Use or other matters by displaying notices or links to notices to you generally on the Site.

Isenção de Garantia:

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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