In today's utility market, efficiency is the main thing. Simplify operations and gain complete, real-time visibility of your entire grid with the latest IoT technology. The next generation of IOT solutions enabled for LoRa or Wifi networks offers a reliable and easy-to-use option for public network connectivity. Building on the LoRa network or dedicated Internet of Things Wifi, these affordable solutions combine well with all sorts of public service management operations. Reduce expensive on-site meter readings and reduce unnecessary maintenance visits. Monitor water supply and sewage networks, remotely survey electrical poles, and even read the level of storage tanks remotely in real time at water distribution companies, etc.


Collect consumption data effortlessly

Put an end to the time and money spent on manual meter reading on site and data processing of water, gas and electricity consumption. Once activated, the connected meters immediately begin transmitting data over the LoRa or Wifi network without any pairing or configuration, and run for years without replacing the battery. You can now monitor and optimize your infrastructure in real-time to detect leaks and failures, and service providers can automate billing and remotely enable and disable services.




Onsite visits required for maintenance and repair only!

Being attentive to operations on any type of wind or solar power installation is now easy and extremely cost effective. Remotely monitored, real-time sensors can detect any abnormal failure or decrease in energy efficiency. These discoveries can be instantly accessed from any device connected to the Internet and users can be alerted about abnormalities by SMS message or email.


Monitor your power backup installations

A reliable source of battery backup is crucial. Generally, you are on hand to pick up the voltage if the main power supply fails, but what happens if the backup battery also fails? The result is a complete analysis of the service. With the help of IoT monitoring solutions, companies can now monitor the backup power supply like never before. Maintenance teams can work much more efficiently, with instant visibility of the status of all backup power sources, remote diagnostics, and immediate alerts for any important event.


Maintain stocks at optimum levels

Storage facilities are useful only if companies can accurately monitor stock levels. For most companies, the only solution currently available is manual, time-consuming, costly and inefficient verification. IoT offers an economical solution for remote and accurate tank monitoring.


Electricity pylon monitoring and road signs

The inclination of electricity poles as a result of strong winds, traffic accidents, earth movements, etc., can cause mechanical stress and cable breakdown in electrical distribution networks and road signaling systems. To prevent the column from dropping completely or traffic signals stop and only work again later, it is essential to locate the problem quickly and to take corrective action. Periodic measurements performed remotely by IoT devices allow for preventive maintenance and alerts are sent if there is a large slope or failure to signal traffic signals. Maintenance crews can now act before the mast falls or crash accidents and identify where urgent repairs are needed.




Monitor water facilities in a simple and remote way

IoT sensors provide crucial data on important water infrastructure conditions, which helps prevent malfunctions and flooding, and improves the efficiency of maintenance staff. It has never been easier to remotely measure water levels, pressure, turbidity, pH, salinity, ORP, flow, etc. to avoid overflows, monitor potable water supply, and monitor sewage and treatment operations.