In order to help syndics and administrators better understand how the Internet of Things (IoT) can impact their daily lives and even help in the economy of the condominium, we have created a platform with a service concept to simplify as much as possible use of this technology.

IoT is the evolution for internet access. Not by people, but by things, which from now on are connected, access to gates, water box, air-conditioning, lamps etc. With this we have access and total control of the equipment through the internet. "Things" generate information about its operation and the environment around it. And this information can be collected stored and analyzed in real-time, or almost, by cloud management systems, which in turn allows actions to be taken, automated or not, based on certain situations.

What is the difference between Automation and Internet of Things (IoT)?

Automation is the implementation of a process to increase the efficiency of a given task, for example the electronic gate with remote control. In this case we have the implementation of a technology that optimizes the inflow and outflow of the condominium. Another example of automation are presence sensors for lighting control, these sensors only turn on and off the lights of a certain environment.

The Internet of Things, as we saw in the definition, is when the objects (Gedgets) are connected, generating information about their functioning and can be adapted according to the analysis of the information generated.

How can it facilitate the day to day life of condominiums?

Intelligent lighting control, identifying areas of greater flow of people for greater comfort, or automated RFID input control, are a practical example of the technology's application. Another possibility is in the garden, in which the soil where the plants and flowers are can be monitored by a humidity sensor. And when it reaches a certain pre-set level the system can trigger an automatic command to activate the irrigation automatically.

Check out some facilities that the Internet of Things can offer to the day to day of the residents and receivers:

  • If the water tank is low, it is possible to alert the liquidator that for so long the condominium will run out of water. This would avoid that in the period of greatest consumption, the inhabitants will be left without water. The same procedure can be done in cases of lack of energy, which would also influence the supply of the units;
  • If the opening and closing time of the gates change according to the adopted standard, the system can alert the liquidator and the company that provides maintenance service, for a preventive action;
  • Another possibility is to monitor the garages of buildings, especially those that were built on uneven terrain in case of flood. Not to be taken aback by the rising water level on the street, the sensors can warn the resident in advance if his car is at any risk;
  • With RFID tags on party room objects (dishes, cutlery, electronics, etc.), you can tell if someone brought some item to your apartment. And, furthermore, identify if the exit was through the pedestrian area or the garage. The system automatically fines the unit that reserved the ballroom and sends a message to the receiver;
  • Sensors on the roof of the condominium can alert the trustee that it is necessary to clean the gutters;
  • In the case of lifts, if some stop working it is possible to send an alert directly to the company responsible for maintenance. This warning may also contain information such as whether someone got stuck or what the problem is for the company to bring the right part for repair;
  • The technology also offers the easy scheduling of the ballroom, which generates "keys" access for registered visitors. Thus, they can have access to the condominium by a mobile application. The resident is notified by message whenever a guest arrives or leaves the building;
  • The individual water and gas readings can be made in real time. With this, the condominiums can monitor their expenses, avoiding to exceed the limits;
  • It is possible to check by sensors and software if there is any hidden water or gas leak in the condo. The trustee will be alerted that something is wrong and where the problem lies.
  • ect...

This is that Internet technology of Things (IoT) allows ...

Today we offer a monthly service of access to this technology without the person having to have any knowledge of how to implement these features simply by choosing your points of interest and we will install the necessary devices in your condominium.

Create your account through the Condominium Registry, select your services or monthly functions and the devices will be sent to you, then hire an installer approved by the site, for an extra fee you choose and schedule a professional, closer to you, who will go to their place to implement the posts with the selected functions, it is not necessary to pay anything directly, this payment is done directly on the site. After installation you will be able to qualify the installer and only then your payment will be released, if you have not agreed you can request the service review and only then release this payment.

From deploying these points of interest to the measurements and control at your facility, you'll get access to your unique page to set up your charts where you can use meters to track your consumption 24 hours, getting everything recorded in your history.

You can request to control some point manually or set it to only be activated in predefined periods, or with certain condition, you can request that in a condition the system sends messages through email or SMS, etc.

The service is monthly and this value is fixed, regardless of the number of points, you can select the desired amount, you can increase when you feel necessary.

We charge a single basic fee for the service and the Gedgets or "Things" are yours, after the installation you will only be billed 30 days later, in this period any problem or doubts can be remedied.

The selected points can be requested only for reading, reading and registration or all else a control and this in turn associated with any conditionals.

Some Gedgets can work directly and others to communicate with the Gedgets that will command depends on a local server that can be defined at the time of registration.

We recommend that you initially schedule an installer visit to present your needs and check which Gedgets you will need.

For each point selected, we installed our device that is selected by you at the time of registration, you must provide only one Internet access point through your Wifi and power, if you do not have a Wifi access you can request a GSM type access in your register, so all components are delivered together for deployment. LoRa networks as a communication option depend on feasibility for coverage and must be requested in advance to verify the feasibility of your location.

Control of lighting systems of any type.
Internal or External Temperature / Humidity Sensor
  Monophase, two phase or three phase electrical consumption monitoring.
  Air-Conditioning Control via Infrared (IR) command
Monitoring the pH and temperature of the water used in air-conditioning cooling systems thus preventing it from corroding the metal parts of the system and avoiding the need to complete the system with fresh water daily. Simple monitoring of this variable allows significant water savings along with a decrease in system maintenance routines.
  Access Control through Biometrics
  Central Heater Control with Temperature and Level / Volume Monitoring
  Operational Control of Water Waters with Flow Measurement, and Electrical Consumption
  Multi-device voice recognition command

Measurement of water flow from the entrance of the Concessionaire, direct measurement of Lava Crockery, Showers, Washing Machine, ect.

Gas Meter flow measurement from the dealership, direct measurement of the gas heater, stove, etc.

  Measurement of flow of liquids (water) and gas to water boxes, showers, heaters, washing machines and dishwashers.
  Level and Volume Measurement in Water Boxes.
Control for triggering input ports.
  Command for motorized access gates for vehicle garages or personal access of any kind.
Wireless motion detectors powered by battery.
Measurement of Air Temperature and Humidity in indoor or outdoor environments.
  Control of loads in service outlets, with option of consumption measurement.
  Measurement of liquid flow (water) with option of flow control.