Our job is to enable the ordinary people and companies to approach the new Internet of Things (IoT) technology in an easy and transparent way ...

And offer all the necessary infrastructure with its own technology (Broker, Gedgets, Dashboard, etc.) to the customer through a simple monthly subscription.

More and more people talk about the Internet of Things. In fact, a lot of people still do not know what their benefits are and how they can benefit.

We create a platform with a range of devices added to a feature where you create and customize your own way of viewing this information through a dashboard, with features to also access your history.

Today we have several possibilities that can meet different types of requirements within a residence, company, industry, etc., from simple lighting and extinguishing of lamps, measuring your gas consumption by equipment such as stove, air and water heater, your energy consumption, level, volume or flow of your water tank, measure your humidity level, temperature, barometric pressure, air quality, your industry the status of your production line using telemetry modules with inputs in the industry standard such as serial RS232C / RS485 / CAN, digital inputs, analog inputs 4-20mA, 0-10Vdc, and others, for environmental services we can enable water analysis companies can easily automate the collection of data of their customers through for example measurement of level, flow and pH and temperature in the Treatment stations, etc.

At your residence, in addition to being able to turn on and off your devices, our system allows you to check your consumption so that it can be deployed throughout your lighting plant, complementing with the control panels you can replace all conventional wall controls, device and you can even operate from a tablet or smartphone.

In your company, selecting our modules correctly you can, without much change of your equipment, allow to collect data and generate statistics for greater efficiency.